You Do What for a Living? (Video Series) You’ll be surprised with the local employment opportunities.

There are many careers and opportunities in Central New York for graduating students who wish to stay here in the area. Many times those careers don’t require the traditional college education.

Our series “You Do What for a Living?” is designed for those students who are looking for opportunities after high school.  While these careers can often times offer great salaries and benefits, they don’t always require the traditional college education and degree.

4/7/21 – Mehudin Krdzic HR Manager Stickley, Inc.

12/3/20 –  Eric Wing, Director of Building Information Modeling, C&S Companies

11/20/20 -Shelby Davis, a local Aviation Engineer.


11/13/20 – Sam Failla, a local barber.

11/6/20  Bill Pirrine of C&S Companies

This week’s video will spotlight is Bill Perrine, Senior Project Engineer, C&S Companies.

10/30/20 Chef Eric Smith, Giovanni Foods

This week’s video shines the spotlight on Eric Smith, the Director of Culinary Research and Development and Corporate Executive Chef at Giovanni Foods. The interview is hosted by Kathy Birmingham of Partners For Education and Business.