Tune in to Connect NY episode on school funding in NYS! If you missed this excellent panel discussion on public school funding, make sure you follow the link and watch it at your convenience. You’ll find many familiar faces discussing what equitable school funding is, how funding is distributed, who makes those decisions and how it affects districts in different parts of the state.

Thank you for attending our Public Education Forums! The community forums in Auburn and North Syracuse were a first step in our advocacy efforts to effect a full elimination of the GEA this year as well as additional foundation aid funding along with a more equitable distribution. We’d like to thank our hosts and everyone who helped organize and participated in these events, which received substantial media attention in the region.

Does NYS provide sound, basic education?

The court case “New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights (NYSER) against New York State” will decide.

The NYS Attorney General’s Office has filed a lawsuit against Proctor High School in Utica over a program that they say discriminates against refugees.  Political leaders say it’s retribution due to two separate lawsuits the Utica School District has filed against New York State on charges that they continue to be underfunded.  Dr. Rick Timbs of the Statewide Schools Finance Consortium has strong opinions about this unprecedented case and has been speaking out on local programs.  Click here for his response.

Check out these Upcoming CNYSBA events!  There’s a lot going on with education and the Central New York School Boards Association.  Please take the time to check out our upcoming calendar.

We are excited to share that Joan was recognized at the NYSSBA Annual Convention in NYC for her decades of service on the Baldwinsville Board of Education.  We are fortunate to have her as a CNYSBA Director as well. Joan, thank you for your tireless commitment and support of public education.

Click here to watch this video from WMHT as Dr. Rick Timbs discusses the affects the property tax cap has had on funding public education.

PREPARING OUR STUDENTS FOR 21st CENTURY CAREERS: Our first Board Presidents Roundtable of the school year (held September 4 at Pascale’s Italian Bistro at Drumlins) spotlighted a topic of critical importance to school board members — preparing our students for 21st century careers. The panel featured several of CNYSBA’s Business Partners, who shared data, resources and the largely untold story of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) opportunities for our children — including scholarships, internships and employment with some of CNY’s top companies.  “These opportunities will only continue to grow over the next few years,” said CNYSBA Executive Director Charles Borgognoni. “We want to build awareness of STEM opportunities and we want BOE members to build awareness with administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, students, stakeholders and communities.”


Dr. Rick Timbs travels around NYS getting the message out for our schools.  Click here to listen to the interviews.
•TOPICS INCLUDE –   •The Governor’s call for more education reform
•Reaction to Commissioner John King’s departure • much more



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