Interested in Serving?

Interested in Becoming a School Board Member?

Let us help! Read our Prospective Board Member Brochure 2020 to help you make that important decision to serve your community as a school board member.

One of the most important services any citizen can give to their community is to serve as a member of a local school board. It is a demanding office carried on in the public eye using public funds. Decisions made by a board have long-lasting effects on the quality of life in a community and the development of skills and talents of its youth. Local control of school districts is the foundation of school governance. A well functioning school board is both an example of democracy in action and a model of democracy for our students.

What Makes a Good School Board Member?

Although the legal requirements for board membership are few, qualifications for effective service are many. Some of these include:

The board member should have a broad background of knowledge and experience. The details of school operations demand sensitivity, awareness, intelligence and honesty.

The board member should be tolerant and free of prejudice. It is imperative that the board member understand the needs of all children.

The board member should be willing to invest the many hours that are necessary to fulfill required duties.

The board member should be able to listen for a real consensus rather than hear only a few loud voices in the community.

The board member should understand that education today is very complex and that simplistic approaches will not adequately address issues.

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